Cell phones are among the most important personal gadgets today. This is because they enable you to always stay connected to people in your life circle no matter your location. Most people, if not all, have cell phones and some people have more than one. Modern technology has improved cell phones by the introduction of smartphones which function close to computers. There are certain cell phone accessories that also need to be purchased so that the cell phone can work effectively and efficiently. Others are for protection of the cell phones. They make using your cell phone very enjoyable. The following are 5 best cell phone accessories:

Batteries and Chargers

Batteries and chargers are top of the list. It is usually a challenge to charge mobiles when you are traveling and as you know, cell phones become useless without power. Some of these accessories include chargers, adapters and USB chargers that are meant for using with a computer. Nowadays, there is a lot of power banks for smartphones on the market. This power bank stores power and if your charge runs low then you just plug it in and your phone gets charged. They are very important when you are going to places that you cannot access points to charge your phone from.

Hands-free devices

People are minimizing holding their phones when answering or making calls. This is so as to enable one to multitask for example, driving but at the same time you are talking on the phone. Some of these devices are like Bluetooth earpieces which give you the ability to receive calls even when driving. This is beneficial in that the risk of driving with one hand is avoided. These accessories enable you to speak aloud a text or email messages, or listen to one being read without using your hands. Other hands free devices that you can own are like headphones and Bluetooth car speakers.

Phone cases

Accidents do happen and you might drop your phone. Sometimes the cell might slip out of your pocket due too bad sitting positions or maybe when rushing somewhere. If you have not put a cell phone faceplate on your device then it might break or crack the handset which can be very frustrating. Therefore, it is advisable you purchase accessories like pouches and covers to protect your device during the above mentioned incidences. These clips extend the lifespan of your smartphone. A cell also compliments your fashion statement if you put it in a cool pouch.

Surface and Screen Protectors

Cracks on screens makes it difficult for the user to see caller IDs or even text messages. Therefore, it is very important to protect your iPhone’s display. This is so as to ensure good image clarity and also maintaining the touch sensitivity. A good protector should be one that has high-quality tempered-glass material that is able to prevent scratch or even cracks on the screen. The surface and screen protectors enable you to have a smooth touch. The surface protector takes care of the edges to prevent wear and tear. Replacing a damaged phone screen is very expensive so why wait till your screen becomes damaged so as to buy a screen protector.

iPhone Armbands

An armband is a very important accessory for iPhones. This is because it serves many purposes for an iPhone user. The armband has a pocket to keep your key and cash therefore no need to walk around with your wallet. It also has a sweat protective hood for the phone and a nonslip and adjustable strap. The armband also has a cord storage area where you can place the cord used to charge the iPhone. It also acts as a screen protector in one way or the other. The armband will enable you to have your running exercises with no worries on the safety of your iPhone. You can also easily listen to your music without interruptions from moving of the phone it were in the pocket.

When choosing accessories you should always look for one that works with your phone. This is so as to get one that is fully compatible with your phone hence translating to better results. Also purchase accessories that are affordable and of quality.